Globe Decanter with Glasses Set

Brand Ingenious
Material Glass
Capacity 28 Fluid Ounces
Style Modern
Included components Decanter


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About this product

This decanter is made from quality glass and marked with the continents of the globe. It sits in a wooden cradle and, with the help of your hand, can spin gently. This decanter also has a detailed glass ship in its centre, to complete the effect, this decanter comes with 2 matching tumblers, complete with map markings.

Made from Glass and featuring a detailed ship with map markings. Includes 2 x tumblers.

Glass DecanIt’s a decanter based on a classic globeter,

Made from glass and featuring map markings,

Inside features a detailed glass ship Globe sits in a cradle that allows for gentle spinning,

Includes 2 tumblers with matching map markings

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