Construct & Create – 5 in 1 Mechanical Coding Robot

  • Use non-computer coding to programme this robot’s movements!
  • Have loads of fun building this kit form robot
  • Performs operations like rotation, forwards and backwards movement, and lifting
  • Requires just 2 AAA batteries and a few tools for assembly
  • For ages 8+
  • Easy to assemble in approx. 1.5 hours


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Program this robot’s movements with non-computer coding!

Build the robot from a kit and then have fun teaching it to do things

The robot can rotate, move forwards and backwards, and lift things

Requires just 2 x AAA batteries and a few tools for assembly

For ages 8 and older Build this robot from kit form and then have loads of fun programming it to perform all sorts of movements. You don’t need a computer or coding knowledge to work it – simply push the plastic pins into the robot’s wheel in a certain order and it’ll perform the actions. It can kick, grip, throw balls, and even draw!

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